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Pro-lifers Pelted with
Eggs and Feces in Buffalo

To The Editor,

40 Days for life is a nationwide movement, which conducts peaceful, legal prayer vigils at facilities which provide abortion. We in Buffalo have been conducting them for years. It is dedicated to prayer, non-violence, and advice and alternatives for mothers who go to the clinic, plus offers healing for women who have had abortions, and regret it.

On Friday, September 28 , eight pro-lifers gathered to pray to end abortion at 2500 Main St. At 6pm, a car with three women sped by, and hurled eggs and feces at the pro-lifers, striking several of them. Several minutes later, they came back for a second attack. Among the pro-lifers was a 10 month old baby in the arms of her mother.

The women, clearly "pro-choice", obviously oppose the First Amendment rights of people with whom they disagree. Where is the tolerance for people who simply want to pray for an end of the extermination of the unborn, and the exploitation of women in crisis?

A report has been filed with the Buffalo Police Department.

Helen Westover
40 Days for Life Buffalo
Buffalo, New York