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Here are some encouraging comments on our Aquinas Alive series:

• "Listening to Aquinas Alive supplied a crucial missing piece to my Catholic formation. Thank you."

• "I listened to the 'Common Good' class twice in a row! Really helpful material."

• "These courses are absolutely the best – outstanding.  I have not been helped so directly by anything in YEARS. They are not only invaluable for the spiritual life but for my work in business – the Principle of Subsidiary is worth the entire package!!!"

• "Just got the CDs yesterday and am really enjoying the relaxed style of John Vennari with his daughter. Philosophy is fun! The truth does set you free!"

Thank you your interest and enthusiasm. This has been one of the most
popular sets we've ever produced. - jv

Aquinas Alive
An easy-listening introduction to the
Philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas. – by John Vennari

Designed for high-schoolers • Enjoyed by adults

“This is a course I am giving at home to my own high-school age youngsters as an uncomplicated introduction to Thomistic philosophy. It is meant to be an ‘easy listening’ intro that is not demanding; simply an introduction to the concepts, the structure, the principles of Thomistic philosophy. And it is fun, as are all ventures of great truth. Originally designed for home-school high-schoolers, it soon became enthusiastically sought by adults. It is now one of the most popular CD sets I’ve released.” – John Vennari

Below is the full metaphysics intro and now also the Philosophy of Human Nature set...

Both Metaphysics and Philosophy of Human Nature are now available as a full set. 21 CDs. - only $64.95
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  • AQUINAS ALIVE - COMPLETE FIRST YEAR - Metaphysics and Philosophy of Human Nature - 21 disks
    AQUINAS ALIVE - COMPLETE FIRST YEAR - Metaphysics and Philosophy of Human Nature - 21 disks

    Both Metaphysics and Philosophy of Human Nature are now available as a full set - 21 CDs.
    Complete first year: Includes:
    Metaphysics: Basic Introduction to Philosophy • The Tools for Correct Thinking • What is true Education? • Act & Potency • Hylomorphism • The Four Causes • Essence & Existence • the Transcendentals • the Principle of Double Effect • a unique discussion of the 42 “Principles of Reason” on which Scholastic Philosophy is based. • Greek philosophy from Thales onward • “Sophism” both Ancient and Modern (using words for manipulation and power rather than vehicles of Truth) • Socrates, Plato and Aristotle • introduction to Aquinas’ Five Ways to Prove the Existing of God. Philosophy of Human Nature: Covers topics such as: What is the Philosophy of Human Nature? •, From Rock to God: Order of Being • Man is an Operational Whole • The Mode of Operation of a Living Being (What is “Life”?) • Intellect and Will • Finality and Powers • Life of Death: True Ethics vs. “New” Ethics • The Powers of the Soul • Powers and Formal Objects • Distinction between the Image and the Concept • Three Views of Human Nature • The Immorality of the Soul • The Common Good (in contrast to Obama policies) • Are Animals Intelligent? • The Five External Sense and Four Internal Senses • Emotions, Appetites & Habits, more! (34 classes on 21 Audio CDs). This popular series is meant to familiarize the average listener with the language and the structure of Thomistic philosophy.

    The Popes throughout history, especially the great Pope St. Pius X, insisted that knowledge of Thomistic Philosophy is ESSENTIAL in the proper development of the Catholic. Thomistic Philosophy is also a bulwark against Modernism!