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  • A Course on Ethics - Dr. Raphael Waters
    A Course on Ethics - Dr. Raphael Waters

    The Science of
    How May Ought to Act!
    Dr. Raphael Waters' Last Course

    Aquinas School of Philosophy

    The great Thomist Dr. Raphael Waters was trained by the Thomistic Master Father Austin Woodbury, who received his formation from the the renouned Father Reginal Garrigou Lagrange

    Four Parts of Ethics:
    1) General Ethics
    2) Personal Ethics
    3) Ethics of the Family (the Domestic Society)
    4) Political Ethics

    Cover topics such as:
    The nature of man • Ethics as a Science • Human Acts • Responsibility • What is a Right? •Law and Moral Obligation • Natural Moral Law • Conscience • Habits: Virtues and Vice • Mutilation/Suicide/Euthanasia • Social Ethics • The Common Good • Domestic Society (Marriage & the Family) • Contraception and Abortion • Political Ethics • The Function of Government • Capitalism & Socialism • Private Property,

    Note: These lectures coincided with Dr. Waters’ final illness and the course remained unfinished. He died on August 26, 2010. Dr. Waters covered the three first parts of Ethics in detail (General Ethics; Personal Ethics; Family Ethics). Key points of Political Ethics are covered in two stand-alone lectures that close the course.

    32 audio CDs plus a CD of Dr. Waters' complete Ethics text - only $99.99
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