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Update: April 8, 2014

• Cleansing the Temple: She Shall Crush Thy Head
• Saint John Fisher: Martyr of the Anglican Schism

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March 7, 2014: Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas

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If a Protestant or non-believer asked you,
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More Glorious Than the Seraphim
The Catholic Doctrine and Devotion on Our Blessed Mother
by John Vennari
Editor, Catholic Family News

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Update: September 24, 2013
Catholic Identity Conference 2013:
A Magnificent Weekend

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"Francis’s papacy may not so much move the Church into the future as back to the recent past, circa 1970." This statement, and this "Tea Leaves" article, confirm my own fears. Time will tell, but I think all the signs are there. Pointing to Kasper in his first address? Good grief. Oremus!. jv
Hans Kung
Reading the Papal Tea Leaves
“I was overwhelmed by joy,” said Hans Kung, the dissenting European theologian, in a radio interview after the elevation of Pope Francis. “There is hope in this man,” gushed Kung, who predicted that Pope Francis will conform to the progressive interpretation of Vatican II and not follow the “line of the two popes from Poland and Germany.”
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March 20: Pope Francis Confirms Committment
to Ecumenical and Interreligous Dialogue

Vatican Information Service -
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March 19: Inaugural Mass of Pope Francis
Photo story - from John Vennari in Rome

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March 18 updates:
A Papal Audience for Journalists
photo story -
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Pope provisionally re-confirms top jobs in Vatican bureaucracy
New Pope Approved Medjugorge Visits

Cardinal Bergoglio
and the SSPX in Argentina

DICI obtained the opinion of Fr. Christian Bouchacourt, District Superior of South America, on the evening of the Pope’s election. click here

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March 15 Updates on Conclave Blog:
• Pope Francis Yet to Appoint Curial Posts
• Pope Francis postpones meeting with Benedict XVI
• New Pope Writes to Chief Rabbi in Rome: Wants to Continue Jewish-Catholic Relations in light of Vatican II
• Argentine Muslims: Pope Francis 'a friend of the Islamic community'
• 2005: Cardinal Bergoglio says he prays 15 decades of Rosary every day
• Vendors selling off Pope Benedict XVI souvenirs
• Pope Francis' personality begins to change routines
• Hans Kung Calls Francis Pick a "Very Happy Surprise"
• Pope Francis's first homily in the Sistine Chapel
• Scola betrayed by the Italians from the very first vote

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J Vennari at Vatican - March 13, 2013 - Election of Pope Francis - short film


More on Pope Francis

By John Vennari
In the post-conciliar world, where the definition and practice of Catholicism
encompasses a bizarre elasticity, modern prelates tend to be mixed bags.
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As Cardinal, Pope Francis strongly condemned
abortion including in rape cases

Lifesitenews - click here

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Bergoglio Against SS Marriage in 2010
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Then-Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio celebrated Hanukkah
with Argentine Jews as Cardinal of Buenos Aires, 2012

Liturgical Aberations
October 15, 2011. Mass celebrated by Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio

Argentine Cardinal Bergoglio elected
Pope, takes name Francis

New 2013 Conclave Blog from Rome
Due to some techno-quirks with the CFN webpage while here in Rome, we are transferring our daily blog to the Oltyn Library Service site. Please check this new blog each day for updates from Rome. I will file one or more reports daily This will be the site used for the duration of my stay in Italy.
Bookmark this new page. Stay tuned. - John Vennari -
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