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NEW! Pope Francis: Modernism with a Smile!
by John Vennari

Given on March 1. A realistic appraisal! Do you want to understand Pope Francis? His modern thought process? Why he does some of the curious things he does? And what is probably store for a frightening future? click here

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Along with other popular titles also on sale: "Nostra Aetate: a New Compass" in Dealing with the Synagogue • Msgr. Joseph Clifford Fenton: Prophet Against the New Orientation • Saint John Fisher: Martyr of the Anglican Schism • Catholic Identity Theft: The Components of Liberal Catholicism • Fatima Ignored and the Approach of Midnight • The Rise of Antichrists • Recapture the Flag: Dedication and Battle Joy
by John Vennari
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Speakers include: Father Gregory Hesse; Michael Davies; Father Stephen Somerville; Randy Engel; John Vennari, more...
more than 35 of our most popular titles - New titles and old favorites
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Father Hesse
Exposes Vatican II

A Pitiless and Precise Critique of the Council
as you’ve never heard it before.

Blockbuster Six CD set

The late Father Gregory Hesse obtained his doctorates in Theology and Philosophy at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome (the Angelicum). He was
one of the last truly Roman theologians, completely uninfected by the Modernist new theology, and he exposes the destructive nature of the Council documents themselves. - Great price!
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More "Aquinas Alive" Classes now available
I am happy to announce we completed the Introduction to the Philosophy of Human Nature at the end of June. Now available on 9 Audio CDs
Thank you your interest and enthusiasm. This has been one of the most popular sets we've ever produced. - jv

Here are some encouraging comments on our Aquinas Alive series:

• "Listening to Aquinas Alive supplied a crucial missing piece to my Catholic formation. Thank you."

• "I listened to the 'Common Good' class twice in a row! Really helpful material."

• "These courses are absolutely the best – outstanding.  I have not been helped so directly by anything in YEARS. They are not only invaluable for the spiritual life but for my work in business – the Principle of Subsidiary is worth the entire package!!!"

• "Just got the CDs yesterday and am really enjoying the relaxed style of John Vennari with his daughter. Philosophy is fun! The truth does set you free!

Aquinas Alive
a simple intro to Thomistic Philosophy by John Vennari
Easy Listening Course - for High School and adults
go to:

See Brief Note from John Vennari about Aquinas Alive series:

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If a Protestant or non-believer asked you,
“Why do you Catholics pray to Mary?”
could you answer?

More Glorious Than the Seraphim
The Catholic Doctrine and Devotion on Our Blessed Mother
by John Vennari
Editor, Catholic Family News

A 12-lecture series available on Audio CD -
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* Sale $29.85 •
Reg. $34.95
"Liberal Catholics are the worst enemies of the Church" - Bl. Pius IX

Vatican II and the Components of Liberal Catholicism
A lecture series from John Vennari
- an 8 CD set! - One of our most popular series

Based on the work of the eminent theologian, Msgr. Joseph Clifford Fenton. In the late 1950s, Msgr. Joseph Clifford Fenton warned against the emergence of liberal Catholicism. Included in this warning was his enumeration of the six components of liberal Catholicism. As Mr. Vennari explains, a knowledge of these six components, and an understanding of how they are playing themselves out in the Church since Vatican II is crucial in order not to be deceived by the present diabolic disorientation. click here

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